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Ape Crash

In Development
Ape Crash is a betting game built for the apes with an increasing multiplier that grows until it randomly crashes. Cash out before the crash or lose it all! $PLAC is the main currency of the game and will be used for all in-game transactions. $PLAC token Burning Mechanism All in house profits of Ape Crash will be sent to Vulcan and will be burnt forever. Making $PLAC token extremely deflationary and scarce. Socialize This game happens in real-time, meaning the whole community is synchronized. Chat with other players while you have fun!
Fair All results can be proven fair. Visit the FAQ section for a technical description and methods.
Private & Secure Ape Crash does not collect any information except your public Binance Smart Chain address, and that's only to keep track of your site balance. FAQ How do I play? Place a bet with any amount of $PLAC. Once the game starts, a multiplier will increase from 1x! You can cash out at any time while the multiplier is going up, but it will randomly "crash" meaning it will stop rising. If you fail to cash out before it crashes, you will lose the amount you bet, but if you cash out before, you will win your bet multiplied by the current multiplier. How long do deposits/withdrawals take? Usually, the Binance Smart Chain network confirms transactions very quickly, so on average, it shouldn't take longer than 30 seconds. However, when there is a lot of traffic on the network, please wait up to 5 minutes for your deposit/withdrawal to be credited. After 5 minutes, if the transaction still doesn't confirm, it means your funds were never sent and therefore your account won't be credited. If this happens you will have to just try again.